Sports or Study: What's The Real Score?

How Much Will You Spend?

The average cost of raising a child through the age is 18 is $241,080! Where should this money be invested to give children the best hope of a secure financial future? How do children in the United States compare with those around the world?

comparison of money spent

First we’ll look at how average parents spend their income. Does the money spent provide a good return on investment? With the average cost of team sports at $671 per year, with football equipment taking up almost $260 or that amount, what lessons are the kids learning? And what about periphery costs, like medical expenses, books or technology upgrades?

How Much Do Schools Spend?

Next, find out how schools spend their money. Are public schools using taxpayer’s funds wisely? You’ll be outraged at how much some schools spend! On school spends $1,300 per cheerleader for the football team. Another school saved $150,000 by cutting all sports programs.

What Does The Rest of The World Do?

Does this spending represent American exceptionalism or something else? When comparing academic performance with students across the world, does spending more on sports matter?