Don't Blame the Almonds

California's drought continues to dry-up the state as it enters its fourth year. No, almonds aren't to blame, but the cows might be.

As the drought continues to afflict California residents for its fourth year, many people are beginning to blame this crisis on the agriculture industry. True, agriculture uses 80 percent of the water, and one of the main crops? Almonds! However, almonds are not to blame. Its the cows. In fact, the beef industry uses the lions share of the water - so much so that for one average serving of beef, 319 gallons of water is used. Pigs are close behind, using 124 gallons per servicing, followed by avocados at 74 gallons per serving. Almonds, on the other hand, only use 26 gallons. Take a look for yourself and spread the word – stop blaming the almonds!