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Debt Settlement

If your debt is too high, debt settlement might be worth looking into. Visit our debt settlement section for more information.

Working with a credit counselor in Washington, D.C. will help you establish a budget and reduce or eliminate your debt, but you’ll also need to develop your own discipline to prevent a repeat of your debt problems. A credit counselor can provide you with tips to stay on track with your spending plan and to build your savings account once your debt is gone.

Credit Counseling

This service is typically available at little or no cost. Your initial visit to a credit counselor in D.C. should be free. At the first meeting, you should be prepared to talk about your expenses and your income. A credit counselor can work with you to develop a budget to help you pay off high interest credit card debt. Find an approved credit counseling agency in D.C. on the Justice Department list.

Debt Management Plans

A credit counselor may suggest a debt management plan to help you eliminate your debt. With a debt management plan, you’ll typically be required to stop using all your credit cards and to pay one monthly bill to the credit counseling agency. The credit counselor will negotiate on your behalf to reduce the interest rates on your credit cards and will attempt to eliminate accumulated late and over-the-limit fees. Your income must be sufficient to handle the monthly payment to the credit counseling agency.